The dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade will be raised to the presidential level, claims Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.

In a statement for Deutsche Welle, carried by Pristina-based Albanian language daily Epoka e Re, Thaci said that the focus of the talks will be on “a wider political framework” in order to achieve an agreement that would lead to “good neighborly relations, cooperation, normalization and reconciliation.”

In his opinion, whoever forms the next government in Pristina will have to deal with the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities and the solving of the demarcation issue with Montenegro.

Thaci once again harshly criticized EU’s approach towards Kosovo, the paper said.

“I am not renouncing anything I said earlier,” Thaci said, adding that he was “not presenting his criticism,” but rather “his concern about EU’s delay towards Kosovo and other Balkan states.”

“This delay and that void have created room for non-Euro-Atlantic ideologies in our region,” said Thaci.