The driver of the Kosovo consulate in New York is among those recently arrested for money laundering, extortion, and international arms trafficking.

The suspect, Albert Veliu, is also described as “a close associate” of several officials of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK).

New York media said that Veliu was arrested along with seven other persons while he was trying to sell “more than a dozen” AK-47 assault rifles and Zolja anti-tank rocket launchers to Mexican gangsters.

RTS reported that Veliu was wiretapped by the FBI while arranging the weapons deal.

It was announced on Thursday that ten persons had been arrested in Kosovo and Metohija and in New York, in a joint operation of the Kosovo police and the US DEA service.



  1. Why is everyone so surpised? The American Empire is directly responsible for the creation of Al Qaeda, ISIS and now the full blown gangster mafia protectorate of Kosovo.


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