We want to have serious dialogue with Albanians, but they must know that we also wish to preserve the interests of Serbs and Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija.

President Aleksandar Vucic said this on Monday, a day after early parliamentary elections in Kosovo.

“The so-called war or veteran coalition, which has won most votes in the elections in Kosovo and Metohija, is the group that has most openly threatened Serbs, and that will create a lot of problems for us,” Vucic told reporters in Gornji Milanovac.

He also pointed out that the coalition in Pristina now has a united bloc of political representatives of Serbs against it, “who will be protecting the interests of Serbia and Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.”

According to Vucic, the key is that Albanians have not managed what they, “and some from the outside,” wanted to achieve among Serbs – “and that is to have some kind of control over Serb members of the Assembly in decision-making in Kosovo.”

Vucic said that the outcome of the early parliamentary elections in Kosovo will bring many difficulties and problems, “but we will fight to preserve stability and continue the dialogue, because we are protecting stability and peace in that way.”

“It remains to be seen what kind of (government) coalition they want to form. They face a fairly united bloc of Serbs who will protect and safeguard their own interests,” he said.

The president said that he “wanted to see somewhat different results as far as the will of the Albanian people is concerned,” but “could not choose on their behalf.”

Responding to reporters’ questions, Vucic said that he was waiting to see the final results and that a good result has been achieved when it comes to the Serb List, while it remains to be seen whether this ticket will have eight or ten seats in the Assembly.

He thanked Serbs “for being disciplined, voting for their interests, and wanting to continue the dialogue.”

“They have shown that they want to have serious dialogue with Albanians, but also that they know that we must preserve the interests of Serbs and Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija. They turned out in greater numbers than they did for the elections for the president of Serbia because they understand the importance of these elections,” said Vucic.

“Receiving 90 percent of the (Serb) vote is no small matter,” Vucic noted, saying that he appreciated the trust shown, and was “proud that so many votes have been received, especially given the huge interest and importance of voting for our citizens.”