Aleksandar Vulin says he can “go in and out of Kosovo, anywhere” without the Pristina authorities knowing about it, or being able to stop him.

The member of the Serbian government reacted in this way to a ban on his entry to Kosovo, announced by Pristina.

“This is the fourth time in a short period of time that Pristina has banned be from coming, that is, the fourth time they have violated the Brussels agreement and violated all the rules of behavior that have been agreed on. Pristina knows it full well that I can come to the Kosovo and Metohija area whenever I want, to any town, any one I want, and of course, without asking,” Vulin told reporters.

He stressed that he “proved it countless times” that he can go to Kosovska Mitrovica, just as he can go to Pristina, “go in, out, without them knowing anything about it, or being able to prevent it.”

“They simply can’t. But, this is their attempt to cause an incident, for me to come and for them to then justify their entire story about ‘Greater Albania’, ethnic cleansing, all the violence they are using, the hatred they are pouring onto the Serb people – with one trip of mine to Kosovo and Metohija,” Vulin said.

“Of course I will not provide them with that opportunity and fall for such cheap tricks, and allow them to play with the Serb people in Kosovo and Metohija,” he stressed.

“However, I am certain that Serbs will vote for the Serb List, I am certain that they will have their ten members of the assembly, and that it will not be possible to form any institution in Pristina without the representatives of the Serb List. And then we will talk about what they are doing now, and about some future moves,” Vulin concluded.