US Congressman Ted Poe says his country must not allow the Kremlin to spoil its relations with Serbia.

The co-chair of the Congressional Serbian American Caucus spoke at the US House of Representatives and, according to Voice of America, said that Serbia is “on the path to successful Euro-Atlantic integration, and has nobody on that road who supports it stronger than the US.

Poe’s brief address in the House of Representatives concerned relations between the United States and Serbia, as well as marking the anniversary of WW2 Halyard Mission – during which 500 US airmen were rescued in the territory of occupied Serbia.

He stressed that “friendship from that period, but also from the period of the First World War, continued” and that today Serbia and the United States “work together to preserve mutual security.”

This Republican congressman from Texas also said that “Russian propaganda in Serbia is strong” and directed strongly against the West, and for that reason, as he pointed out, “the US must be careful and not allow the Kremlin to poison its relations with Serbia”.

Serbian Ambassador in Washington Djerdj Matkovic was also present at the US House of Representatives, according to Voice of America.