Dacic: It was wrong to recognize Macedonia


Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has reiterated his position that Serbia was wrong to recognized Macedonia (FYROM) under its constitutional name.

This is according to a report published by the Macedonian news agency MIA, cited by Tanjug on Tuesday.

According to the agency, during his visit to Athens on Monday – when he met with his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias – Dacic said that Skopje had always had a negative attitude towards the Serbian position in relation to Pristina.

Macedonia first recognized Kosovo and then supported its failed bid to join UNESCO – “which angered Serbia,” said MIA.

The agency added that Dacic said it had therefore been unfair of the Serbian side to recognize Macedonia under the name, the Republic of Macedonia.

The Serbian foreign minister made similar comments in January.



  1. But didn’t the Macedonian leader say he would not vote for Kosovo in UNESCO next time it comes up?
    Also Macedonians are the ones preventing more migrant scammers from flooding Serbia – they are holding the line at their border. If not for Bulgaria, Serbia wouldn’t have such a migrant benefit seeker problem in the country. If only Serbia would guard its borders and/or send illegals back into the country they came from. Bulgaria is a EU country and they stay there until the EU decides if they should be allowed to settle in the EU or not.