The consequences of the strike in Fiat could be detrimental to Serbia and lead to the withdrawal of foreign investors from our country, says FM Ivica Dacic.

Dacic, who also serves as first deputy prime minister, said that “the strike in Fiat and the problems in Gorenje” were discussed earlier this week in Trieste during the Berlin Process Western Balkans Summit – that these developments “are not bringing in good tones”.

“I do not want to defend or condemn anyone. Ideologically, I belong to a party (SPS) that is on the side of the workers. In this situation, when Serbia needs investments, the consequences of these strikes, if they last a long time, can be detrimental to Serbia,” Dacic said.

He pointed out that this could lead to the withdrawal of investors – “and has already caused some investors to drop their plans regarding Serbia.”

According to Dacic, “one should also take into account the thousands of workers in companies that are connected with Fiat.”

“The workers will come to the point where they will have nothing to negotiate if they lose their jobs. A responsible approach is needed by all: the workers, the employer, and the state,” he concluded.