About 2,000 workers in Fiat factory in Kragujevac decided today that they will not stop the strike until they receive written guarantee from the employer that the minimum of their requests will be fulfilled, reported RTS.

Workers made this decision after consultation between first and second shift workers.

Zoran Markovic, president of the Strike Committee “Fiat Chrysler Cars Serbia”, expects that VCM standards and standards of the company or the Fiat group are implemented.

“A worker in Fiat in Serbia works for 300 euros, if the company gives him 355, it will not violate any regulation or internal decision of its group”, said Markovic.

The gathered workers and the strike committee support the initiative of the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic to enter into negotiations at the highest level, but until they are addressed by the employer, they say they will remain persistent in their demands, reported RTS.

The strikers in Fiat protest for the 10th day.