One the leaders of the terrorist Islamic State organization who came from Kosovo, Lavdrim Muhaxheri, has been killed in a joint Russian and Syrian operation.

This is according to Sputnik, which cited a report published by Greece’s Pronews.

Sputnik noted that media reported on several occasions in the past that Muhaxheri, known as “Abu Abdullah el Kosovi,” and also as “the butcher,” had been liquidated.

According to the article, Muhaxheri became known in 2014 thanks to Islamic State’s propaganda videos showing him beheading Chirstians, Shiites, and Alawites.

Then US Secretary of State John Kerry included him on a terrorist list the same year.

After spending four months traveling in Albania and Kosovo, Muhaxheri returned to Syria in May, the report said.

The Greek newspaper added that the terrorist was killed during a joint operation of Russia’s Aerospace Forces and Syria’s Tiger Forces, in Idlib, in early June. Six of his 20 personal bodyguards were also killed during the operation.

“As soon as the news about his death was announced, Minister of Transportation of the pseudo-state of Kosovo Lufti Zharku visited the family of the terrorist leader in Kacanik to offer his condolences,” the article said.

According to the same source, representative of the Islamic religious community in Kacanik Florim Neziraj, also expressed his sadness over the death of this “Muslim fighter.”

“Neziraj announced the news of Muhaxheri’s death in a mosque, and then went to offer his condolences to the family,” the newspaper writes.

Media reports in early June said that Muhaxheri was killed “in a US drone strike.”