A blog dubbed Republika Istra (Republic of Istria) was launched a week ago, while an eponymous Facebook page already exists, Index is reporting.

According to the Croatian website, the blog states that residents of Istria – a peninsula in western Croatia – are “neither Italians, Slovenes, nor Croatians” but are instead “Istrians who have the elements of many peoples.”

“Istria is based on anti-fascist heritage,” the announcement, published in several languages, remarked, and added:

“Istria – an autonomous state. Always has been, always will be (…) Istria is a state, Istrian, a nationality; Istrian, each person who respects all Istrian ethnic groups, their languages, dialects, speech, and traditions; accepts Istrian culture – particularly the culture of coexistence; acts, within their abilities and capabilities, to improve Istria for the good of its citizens.”

The Facebook page, meanwhile, states that the initiative was launched late last year, and has the goal of achieving Istria’s “regional autonomy.”

Among the posts is one reading, “Let’s make an island, instead of a peninsula!”