SDP GI leader Oliver Ivanovic think President Aleksandar Vucic’s idea to “restore the dialogue on Kosovo” is “good.”

This Serb politician from northern Kosovo told Beta on Tuesday that this was “the most important issue for all Serbs, no matter where they live.”

“Engaging in forming a common stance that would survive an election cycle would be very important – although I think that this is a rather difficult mission,” Ivanovic said.

He noted that former Serbian PMs and presidents – Zoran Djindjic, Vojislav Kostunica and Boris Tadic – all had “such an idea.”

According to him, it is important to “predict” the outcome of this dialogue, “because a serious dialogue on status and other topics cannot be entered into without a clear result.”

“The issues that will be discussed must be agreed by both the government and the opposition, but also by independent intellectuals. When this discussion, if it starts, will be completed and what kind of results will be achieved – nobody knows it now,” Ivanovic said.

He added that the current situation is such that Serbs have nobody to talk to among Kosovo Albanians.

“At the moment, they (Kosovo Albanians) have no interest in discussing the topic of Kosovo, so the question arises as to whether such a consensus could help us. The Albanians think that Kosovo is independent – and we do not think so,” Ivanovic added.

He also assessed that there was no strong and dominant leader among Kosovo Albanians who could take on the leadership of “such serious conversations.”

“The Albanians, in general, do not feel the need for that,” said Ivanovic, adding that if the talks on sensitive issues – such as the status issue – were to be reopened – “we would have to have an Albanian leader like Vucic.”

“Our president is strong enough, but they are not,” Ivanovic concluded.