BELGRADE – Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimovic said that Serbia has a plan to be fully prepared for the EU membership by the end of 2021.

In an interview for Serbian daily “Politika” she said that Brussels needs to provide a more precise time frame so Serbia can plan not only its own activities, but also the budget.

Asked about the possibility of Serbia getting a clear date of the accession to the Union, Joksimovic said that she expects a “clearer definition” and that a more precise time frame is needed from Brussels, not a precise date.

“We know what is our job, what we promised to the citizens, and those are reforms, which are reflected through the achievement of criteria for the opening of the chapters. Many previous governments in Serbia promised dates and years of membership, and reality denied them. Our plan is to, by the end of ‎2020-2021, be fully prepared. Because, when you close all the chapters, then member states in their parliaments have to ratify the agreement on membership. Some even hold a referendum on the issue. We can also hold a referendum on which citizens will declare and that is why we are interested in the EU’s plan. It is a legitimate question”, the minister said.