The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the World Customs Organization (WCO) has suspended Kosovo until further notice.

In a statement issued on Sunday, and carried by the Serbian government’s website, the MFA said that this happened during a session held the previous day “regarding the accession of the so-called ‘Kosovo’ to this organization.”

The statement added that “‘Kosovo’ was also deprived of the right to vote.”

“An extraordinary session of the WCO Council has been scheduled for the end of this year, and a working group will be formed in the meantime to consider the case of ‘Kosovo’ and propose a solution for the future status in the WCO Council, and until then the 2012 decision will apply under which the reception of ‘Kosovo’ in the WCO is premature,” the MFA said.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office for Kosovo and Metohija and the Customs Administration jointly worked to challenge the illegitimate attempt to receive the so-called ‘Kosovo’ into the WCO after Belgium, as the depository of the convention, and the WCO Secretariat, contrary to the 2012 WCO’s decision that ‘the receipt of Kosovo is premature’, attempted to allow ‘Kosovo’ to join this institution, despite the protest of the Republic of Serbia and another twenty countries,” the MFA said.

“The membership of the so-called ‘Kosovo’ was suspended at the request of Serbia until the next session,” the statement said.