Serbia is too small a country to allow itself any imbalance in relations with great powers, says Zorana Mihajlovic, a cabinet minister and a deputy PM.

“I think that each great power understands that. To us, Russia and China, America, and the EU are equally important, and for now it seems to me that our policy in this respect is very clear, and it’s important we are an open partner to all states,” said Mihajlovic, when asked whether Serbia was “under pressure in Russia-US-EU terms.”

According to her, there are no “allusive, or any other thoughts” – Serbia is “going to the EU, but there is not a single reason not to have agreements and not to develop relations with Russia and other countries.”

“There is also no reason not to create a good ambiance, and not to have many American companies in Serbia. Not only is there no reason, but we are already working on it, we were in Trieste now, and we are connecting Serbia and the region with all EU countries,” said Mihajlovic.

The minister added that Serbia is “harmonizing its policy” step by step, and recalled that former Prime Minister and current President Aleksandar Vucic’s “great activity in that field was noticeable in the past period.”

“I think this is just a big benefit for us, and in no way harm,” she said. Mihajlovic added that “through the projects that are being realized in Serbia, our country’s relation toward Russia and the United States, as well as the EU, can be seen.”

“At one point, in your question, you said, ‘to force Serbia to move towards the EU’ – to be completely clear, Serbia is militarily neutral, but Serbia is not politically neutral, as our country has decided to go to the EU and respect European standards. Everything we do in every (government) department is precisely meeting European standards,” Mihajlovic told reporters.

She added that “railway projects that are being done with Russia are also implemented in accordance with European standards.”