Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday that sometimes is better to remain silent and not comment on some of the statements. Vucic responded to RTS questions in relation to the statement by Montenegro’s Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic that the country’s military would fight against Serbs in Kosovo if NATO should ask.

Vucic said that that sometimes is better to keep silent and not comment on some statements “because if you do, you will go out of box of politeness – if you were honest and responded in an adequate way.”

Then, I think, Vucic continued, that the best way for the Republic of Serbia is to react with silence. The Serbian President believes that this also speaks enough to both the Serbian people in Montenegro and to the Serbian people wherever they live.

“Serbs will not be attacked in Kosovo and Metohija neither by NATO or Montenegro, and not only because we have cooperation, agreements, or because we have a correct and very good cooperation with KFOR and NATO, but also for some other reasons, and let them think well about what those reasons are,” concluded Vucic.