Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday that sometimes is better to remain silent and not comment on some of the statements. Vucic responded to RTS questions in relation to the statement by Montenegro’s Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic that the country’s military would fight against Serbs in Kosovo if NATO should ask.

Vucic said that that sometimes is better to keep silent and not comment on some statements “because if you do, you will go out of box of politeness – if you were honest and responded in an adequate way.”

Then, I think, Vucic continued, that the best way for the Republic of Serbia is to react with silence. The Serbian President believes that this also speaks enough to both the Serbian people in Montenegro and to the Serbian people wherever they live.

“Serbs will not be attacked in Kosovo and Metohija neither by NATO or Montenegro, and not only because we have cooperation, agreements, or because we have a correct and very good cooperation with KFOR and NATO, but also for some other reasons, and let them think well about what those reasons are,” concluded Vucic.


  1. I am A Serb of Montenegro Parents who are also Serbs. Milo Djukanovic your government are all Fake Serbs/Montenegrins they like yourself are Albanian. I am calling on all my brothers and sisters in Montenegro to stand up to your idiot government and join your heart in Serbia!!!

  2. Peace should be seen to prevail in the whole Balkan states,to foster development and improve their economies..otherwise,drums of war only takes such countries backwards.

  3. Communist pieces of sh*t…!!! When will you all already die out..SCUM!!!
    No matter how much you want it…Montenegrin’s and Serbs will never fight each other … WE ARE ONE!!!
    Criminals need to all be jailed, and power given back to the people.

  4. Serbia should have deported all the Montenegrin gangsters in Serbia long ago. After the 2006 split, the Montenegrin gangsters made sure to get a Serbian passport/citizenship to carry on with their crimes. Serbia never properly defends itself, and then when there’s a war it is caught flat-footed.

  5. Look at him…he looks like a weak, pathetic excuse for a man. Who is he going to fight? POS! Brukanovic and his pathetic co-horts will eventually meet the same fate as their traitorous grand-fathers, the “Zelenasi”. POS!!


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