Serbia should be, above all, taking care of its interests, says Russia’s ambassador in Belgrade, Aleksandr Chepurin.

At the same time, Chepurin said that “it would be better not to exert pressure on Serbia regarding its foreign policy and not to interfere with the interests of the Serbian people.”

“Serbia has its own government and its president, chosen by the Serbian people, and it is the duty of the president to defend, above all, the interests of Serbia,” the diplomat told journalists, when asked whether the country was under pressure regarding its foreign policy – and added:

“There are a number of entities in the world and each of them has their own interests, but it is the task of the country’s leadership, as we understand it, to defend the interest of their own country, that is, the interest of the people, and to promote the agenda precisely of the Serbian people.”

Then, as he said, it would be better if no pressure was exerted from “one, another, a third, a fourth side,” and if the interests of Serbia and the Serbian people were not impinged upon.

“On the other hand, Russian-Serbian relations have incredible depth, which is historical, moral, and strategic. Thus, some voices from the side will not change anything. Russia and Serbia are like two big trains moving forward, and they are not against anyone, they are not directed against anyone, instead they remain friendly countries, that have cooperated, are cooperating and will cooperate in future,” Chepurin concluded.