Serbia invested EUR 5 million in Srebrenica

Photo: Supplied

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic says Serbia has invested five million euros in Srebrenica so far.

Mihajlovic told RTS that “life is what is important for the future, and development of Srebrenica,” while the government has not yet decided who will attend the commemoration in that city on July 11.

“What is important for Srebrenica is life. Serbia has invested five million euros in Srebrenica – two million in current liquidity and three million in infrastructure projects,” she said.

Asked who would represent Serbia at the commemoration on July 11 in that town, Mihajlovic said that the government had not yet talked about it.

“I believe that the prime minister will give the answers to this question,” Mihajlovic said.



  1. Why should Serbia send a representative for anti-Serb propaganda – Srebrenica is their soldiers who died throughout the war and it is false to claim they all died in a few days. The UN soldiers didn’t see any of it and it is known from a few Bosnian Muslim military records that they counted soldiers who died in 1993 as Srebrenica victims. Full release of Bosnian Muslim military records would reveal the truth, but obviously this would harm their propaganda hype.
    Plus, you had the incident where stones were thrown at President Vucic, so the Bosniaks do not even want Serb reps there anyway.