A whole array of advanced pieces of Serbian military hardware was presented at the 8th International fair of arms and military equipment “Partner-2017” which wraps up in Belgrade on June 30.

Manufacturers from 21 countries and delegations from 50 are taking part in the 8th International fair of arms and military equipment “Partner 2017” which is due to wrap up in Belgrade on Friday.

Serbia, the host country, presented a selection of sophisticated military equipment during the exhibition, including the Aleksandar, a modernized version of the Serbian self-propelled howitzer Nora. The Aleksandar is equipped with a 155mm gun and has a range of up to 30 kilometers.

Serbian military expert Aleksandar Radic told Sputnik Serbia that modernization of his country’s army was not costly because the new technical solutions are based on previous experience over the years.

“It all began in the 1980s, when the self-propelled howitzer Nora, which was based on the Soviet-made 130mm M-46 cannon, was exported to Myanmar, Kenya, and Bangladesh. In this vein, the Aleksandar reflects Serbia’s desire to modernize its military hardware and increase the number of customers in the world market,” Radic said.

He also touted the new Sumadija missile system equipped with a launcher capable of firing from 2 to 12 ground-to-surface missiles which have a range of up to 285 kilometers.

Also on display are the multi-purpose armored vehicle Lazar, the anti-aircraft missile and gun system PASARS, the ALAS missile system, the multitube rocket launch system Lanser and the full-track robotic platform Milos.