On July 6 2017 the Day of the Diaspora of Serbia was held. I attended. I am disappointed. If I exclude the speech made by Mr. Ninkovic from Chicago, the rest was unbelievable. Without realistic proposals, without the idea and goal how to unite Serbs from Serbia and Serbs from the Diaspora. Complete hopelessness from my perspective. But, there was plenty of marketing – My company did this, my foundation did that, etc. – and awards.

There has long been a joke that says: “How smart Serbs call dumb Serbs? By phone from abroad”. Listening to individual speakers, topics and conversations in the hallways, I got the impression that the situation is opposite in some cases. Comparing things that can not be compared, showing incomplete facts as accurate, warning of something that has long been known and dealing with things, in my opinion, in a completely wrong way, all this indicates that the Serbian Diaspora and the motherland will not find a joint language for a long time.

A large number of complaints brought by the Serbian Diaspora were that nobody answers their letters. Well, welcome to my world.

All my letters written to Diaspora, as well as their written to the Government of Serbia, concern the welfare of Serbia. What matters is that none of us have received any answer. Neither I from the Diaspora, neither them from the Government. So let’s get angry now.

Let’s take InSerbia News portal as an example.

InSerbia was founded in 2013 in Serbia as a non-profit non-governmental foundation. Our goal was to create an English-language internet portal with news from Serbia and thus fill the void that nobody else in Serbia, private or state media did not want to fill in. The maintenance of the portal is done exclusively by volunteers – from the USA through India to Japan – when they have spare time.

Since its foundation InSerbia has the goal of promoting Serbia and changing the media image of Serbia in the world. We are also one of the main sources of information to the Serbian Diaspora who no longer speaks Serbian language, but are interested in what is going on in Serbia and around it.

During these more than 4 years of existence, we came to 10 million page views per month on average. With this, we have come to a large (for us living in Serbia) debt towards the creditors, because the entire portal is financed by two people – founders, from their pockets and maintained by their knowledge and dedication.

Although “InSerbia” has been ranked by major search engines such as Google and Bing so it stands on an equal footing with those larger than itself, although we helped the world public to drastically change the image it had about Serbia, pushed world media to report about catastrophic floods that once hit Serbia, to actively participate in #NoKosovoUNESCO action, to receive praise from all sides, as well as from foreign and domestic diplomats and public figures, the help we received is virtually non-existent.

InSerbia today co-operates with a number of media and organizations and was quoted by global media such as Eurosport, National Geographics, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, BBC, Marca, LA Times, The Washington Post, SBS Australia, Bleacher Report, TMZ, Kommersant, Sputnik, Russia Today, The Blaze, RFE / RL, Huffington Post, USA Today, Business Insider, 20minutes , BFMTV, PowNed, … The list goes on indefinitely.

When one looks at what we have achieved in Serbia’s name with less than $100 at start, it is striking that we have received more help from the Greeks than from the Serbs. Serbs are not interested in InSerbia. Greeks are, so Thank God for brothers Greeks!

Individuals accuse us daily of being “part of the Russian propaganda machinery”, some are bothered with us because we are not writing praises (or more criticism) about the Serbian Government, and some from Kosovo are even threatening us with murder as soon as they get the chance. Nevertheless, maintained exclusively with our own resources, InSerbia has survived for years, thanks to dedication, efforts and sacrifices of founders and volunteers.

Everything has its end, and on this occasion I am forced, after finally finding out that there is no help from the Serbian diaspora, to ask for help from the people who visit our portal.

If you follow us, if you trust us, if you want us to continue our work – please donate. Your little means a lot to us.

PLEASE DONATE VIA PayPal to [email protected]

Without your donation InSerbia will inevitably go further into debt, which will force us to turn off the lights before the end of this year and throw all the effort into the water. And it would not be the first time that someone who did good things for Serbia goes down to oblivion. We, the Serbs, are used to that.

This is our last plea and there will be no more.

With respect,
Vladimir Stoiljkovic
Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder