Two more Serbians detained in Greece over murder of US citizen

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B92 learned on Tuesday that two more Serbian citizens had detained this morning for involvement in the murder of a young American tourist on Zakynthos.

One of them was later released. According to the Greek media, a “young person from Serbia” has been arrested.

As stated, the police used footage from security cameras to identify the ninth suspect, who was arrested after last night’s search.

Lawyers hired by the families of the suspects have asked for 48 additional hours before the hearing begins, in order to get acquainted with the case – a request that has been approved, in accordance with the Greek law.

B92 learned unofficially that the Serbian ambassador to Greece and Serbia’s honorary consul of Kefalonia met with the governor of Zakynthos and the police commander of the Ionian Islands, and received guarantees that the Greek side would act according to the law.

B92 also learned that the detained young men from Serbia have had a decent treatment. They are not handcuffed, their parents can visit twice a day, and they have a normal communication with the lawyers.

Six Serbian citizens were arrested previously, along with a Greek and a Briton of Serbian descent.

As reported by the Athens-based Katmerini, the ninth detainee “seems to have had an important role in the murder of Bakari Henderson, because, according to police sources, he was the one who started the brawl.”

Referring to police sources, the paper reports that most of the eight suspects in their pre-trial statements “admitted to being involved in a fight, but all denied that they inflicted fatal injuries to the 22-year-old (victim).”

All are under investigation for murder with intent, and if put on trial and found guilty, could be sentenced to life in prison.

Bakari Henderson, from Austin, Texas, was beaten early on Friday in front of a bar in Zakynthos.

The circumstances of the fight are not yet clear, as several versions of the event and what caused it have emerged. Katimerini writes that the reason was “probably” the victim’s flirting with a Serbian woman, who worked at the bar, and his “having a picture taken with her.”

The parents of two of the Serbian suspects claim that their children are innocent, and fear being extradited to the United States.

The father of one of them has accused the state of Serbia of failing in protecting its citizens.



  1. “and a Briton of Serbian descent”

    Other Serbian media and commenters on youtube claim the Briton is a Bosnian and his first name is Amir. So he is a Bosniak, not a Serb.
    If he is charged they should release his name official and correct if he is not of Serbian descent.
    Also witnesses say that the Bosniak bouncer hit him and Henderson fell and hit his head on a curb and died – so it was an accident.
    It doesn’t take a group of men to kill a person – there’s been cases where just one man has hit another who died because he fell and hit his head in a certain manner.
    Serbs say the Greeks are arresting anyone who was in the vicinity of the American – including those who stayed in the bar and weren’t outside when the guy died.

  2. Google Translation of a Blic article says that the bouncer’s name is Amir Omerdzic, so he is not Serb. “the hearing of two main suspects Amir Omerdzic (32) and George Xiadopoulos, an eyewitness and a brute cafe in which a fatal blast began, has just ended”

  3. The video released shows Henderson hitting his head on the curb and then going limp. The aftermath beating didn’t exceed what happens in most MMA matches after a contestant is dropped. What happened in the bar is pure conjecture.. Remember Americans often have a bad reputation in dealing with foreign women. Ask the Japanese women on Okinawa.