Workers at Fiat’s plant in Serbia end strike


Prime Minister Ana Brnabic on Tuesday evening reached an agreement on evening with strikers in Fiat’s Kragujevac to stop their strike and start negotiations.

This is according to the Serbian government.

At a press conference after the meeting held in the City Assembly of Kragujevac, Brnabic thanked the workers and announced that the government will do “everything in its power” during the negotiations.

After a closed-door meeting for more than two hours, she talked with representatives of the strikers who stopped working on June 27, and agreed to start negotiations with the employer tomorrow at noon in the government of Serbia.

Previously, the prime minister said that she was ready to talk to the workers “day and night” – but “could not respond” to their demand to have a minimum wage of RSD 45,000 (EUR 373) per month.

Earlier this week, Brnabic accused said that “bad intentions” and “political interest” were behind the strike.



  1. I am of the opinion that FIAT invested in Serbia in the hour of need.Therefore FIAT is a true friend of Serbia. How you treat your friends will reflect not only upon yourself, but on the nation as a whole.

    Treat you friends right and be constructive. Many people do not have jobs today. FIAT is providing them and this fact alone is worth the uttermost respect and gratitude.

    Treating FIAT unfair by withholding agreed-upon work is hurting the company and thereby the workers. Just stop and think how much the production machines cost, what the cost is to get them in place, the cost for calibration and testing of the production lines. As a major car manufacturer FIAT can make that real and
    take the costs as future investments.

    Those organising the strike should think before they leap. They should be grateful that FIAT has invested a lot in Serbia and is providing good jobs with fair benefits for people who work at the plant. They have a job and thereby a future.

    If someone is not pleased with the conditions awarded by FIAT, perhaps they look for a different job somwhere else and not conduct unconstructive strikes that are bad for everyone. Otherwise, it is important the people appreciate the possibilities given at FIAT Chryslers plant.

    It is fantastic that FIAT Chrysler has invested in Serbia and is providing jobs and possibilties. At the end of the day it is really nice to have a job. Love your job and don’t ruin a good thing. FIAT, Thank you for investing in Serbia!