Serbia is the most heavily armed Slavic country, with as many 37.8 registers arms per 100 people, the Washington Post reported, citing data from 2016.

This is according to the website Slavorum, which, according to the Belgrade-base paper Blic, warned that these numbers should not be taken for granted – because “some countries allow carrying arms without a license.”

In addition, “there is a lot of unregistered arms in most countries, which means the numbers on the map can be much bigger.”

According to the numbers cited, however, Serbia is followed by Macedonia with 24.1 pieces of weapons per 100 people, Montenegro (23.1), Croatia (21.1), Bosnia-Herzegovina (17.3), the Czech Republic (16.3), Slovenia (13.5), Russia (8.9), Slovakia (8.3), Belarus (7.3), Ukraine (6.6), Bulgaria (6.2), and Poland (1.3).



  1. What do you expect? Croatian neo-Nazis to the north. Montenegrin turn -coat fascists to the west..Bosnian ISIS sympathizers to the west. Islamist mafia gangster Albanians to the south. Constant enemy Bulgaria to the east…..and the NATO Empire


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