President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman is convinced that the arrival of migrants to Europe was organized and believes that Europe is threatened by a new migrant wave from the Middle East and Africa.

“It is said that at least a few million people have been prepared in Africa for the migration to Europe. Because they are mostly Muslims, whose culture is incompatible with European, I do not believe their assimilation is possible”, said Zeman for Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

“When you look at the history of Europe, it was, in fact, a continuous war with the Muslims. This is exactly what Serbia experienced on its own skin, among other things in Kosovo”, said Zeman, referring to the migrant pressure on Europe.

On the comment of the journalist that the EU had constantly pressured and blackmailed Serbia on the issue of Kosovo and the Republika Srpska and asked how would the Czech Republic react if it was exposed to such blackmails, Zeman said:

“Every blackmailer should be confronted immediately at the beginning, because if you yield to the blackmailer you will not calm him, but he will have greater and greater demands.”

Zeman believes that all “colored revolutions” – from those in Arabian world, to those in Georgia and Ukraine, for example, ended with total failure.

He also said that the new “Silk road” is the largest infrastructure project in modern history and it is estimated that the value of this investment will be 12 times higher than the funds invested in the “Marshall Plan”, which speaks of the importance of the investment.

Zeman added that the Czech Republic and Serbia have good relations with China and that they differ from some other EU member states who are trying to impose embargo on China, not realizing that today China is the world’s largest economy and that every embargo will eventually be turning against them.