There are currently about 1,000 refugee children of school age, most of whom will start school in this country on September 1, along with their Serbian peers.

Director of the Asylum Protection Center NGO Rados Djurovic has told Beta that these children mostly come from Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and live in asylum or transit centers, mostly accompanied by parents or relatives.

Djurovic said that the Ministry of Education announced that, starting from this school year, these children will be involved in great numbers in the education system, and welcomed the ministry’s intention.

At the same time, he pointed out that it was necessary to make a detailed plan on how the children will be received, “as there are examples of children in (refugee) centers being located from local environments where they should go to school, and there are even children without parental care.”

Djurovic assessed that the best solution would be to include refugee children in the domestic education system “inclusively, that is, together with Serbian children, two or three in one class, because so far this system has yielded best results.”