Belgraders have chosen to name the boulevard connecting the Ada Bridge with the Tosin Bunar neighborhood after the heroes of the Battle of Kosare.

Mayor Sinisa Mali announced the results of the voting, and noted that he was “very glad that the memory of those great heroes will be preserved in that way.”

The battle in question was fought in the spring of 1999 against the KLA (“Kosovo Liberation Army”), and is named after an outpost on Serbia’s border with Albania.

Citizens of Belgrade were given the opportunity to vote and decide on other issues in the past, including on the color of city buses and on the appearance of info-panels installed in the central parts of the capital.

Mali said that the goal is to have “a transparent city administration that includes citizens in all decisions.”

The mayor also announced that a website would be launched next week that will allow Belgraders to “participate in all projects, vote, and take part in surveys.”