Sonja Biserko says the government “has no serious intention to devote itself to regional cooperation and normalization of relations”.

The chairperson of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights pointed out that this has been manifested in the way the anniversary of Croatia’s 1995 Operation Storm was recently marked in Serbia, and in the announced “declaration on the survival of the nation.”

“Everything that has been heard from various pulpits in recent days indicates that the current government is not ready to accept reality, and that it has wide support in that,” Biserko told the website, Beta reported on Wednesday.

She also assessed that during the marking of the anniversary of Operation Storm, officials and politicians used in their speeches “the language of war-mongering in the function of homogenizing the nation, and of reminding of the Serb victims from the Second World War.”

Biserko added that in this way “the crimes committed in Croatia in the early 1990s are perceived as just vengeance.”

Speaking about the declaration, Biserko said that the announcement comes at a time when “regional and international relations are extremely upset.”

The announcement on August 4 by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and RS President Milorad Dodik came after a meeting of representatives of Serbs from the region.

“The dialogue on Kosovo was just a trial balloon in order to possibly share responsibility for Kosovo and to homogenize the nation precisely on geostrategic issues,” said Sonja Biserko.

She recalled that the Strategy of Preserving and Strengthening Relations between the Mother Country and Diaspora and between the Mother Country and Serbs of the Region was adopted in 2011, and that it outlines the ways, methods and means for its implementation.

“The strategy is perceived as Memorandum 2, under changed circumstances,” Biserko said.