Ivica Dacic believes it is possible that “the nervousness triggered by his delimitation proposal” concerning Kosovo is “the best indicator which way to go.”

“It is good that dialogue about Kosovo has been initiated and that different ideas are being heard. Interestingly, and the president has noted it, too, so far only my idea to ​​talk about a delimitation to what is Serb and what it is Albanian has caused great nervousness on many sides,” the foreign minister told Sputnik.

Such anxiety, as he said, is not being caused by the suggestions “to give up Kosovo, or to maintain a frozen conflict.”

“Maybe all this nervousness caused by my proposal is also an indication of the way we should go and how to come up with a solution that will make all sides dissatisfied,” he said, and added:

“Because only such a solution will at the same time provide a lasting compromise for the future.”

“I will discuss the details of the plan with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, when the internal dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija becomes institutionalized,” Dacic said.