The Dalai Lama says he dreams about NATO headquarters being relocated to Moscow, as this would bring Russian and US citizens closer.

Sputnik is reporting this citing Dalai Lama’s interview for the Kommerasant daily, while the Moscow Times noted in its report that the Tibetan spiritual leader himself is unable to visit Moscow – “as authorities have repeatedly denied him permission to return since 2004.”

“I look at America and I hear a lot of criticism directed at the White House. Many who were i favor of Donald Trump are now against him. On the other hand, looking at Russia, I see many are advocating the fight against corruption, I think it was impossible during Stalin’s time. Anyway, the changes will come, maybe not so fast as some would like. I believe in the great future of Russia – a country that could become a bridge between the East and the West,” he said.

“You know,” continued the Dala Lama, “my dream is that NATO headquarters be relocated to Moscow.”

“According to the Russian mentality, NATO is perceived as the symbol of a hostile force. If the headquarters of the Alliance were shifted to Moscow, it could allay whatever misapprehensions and evoke feelings that from then on, Russians and Americans are together! However, now I am afraid that I won’t be allowed into the US after such a suggestion,” he said.