Kosovo Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj says that Kosovo should become a member of the UN at the end of the dialogue with Belgrade.

In an interview with the Vienna-based Standard newspaper, he said that Kosovo is “in the last stage of state formation.”

Hoxhaj also thinks that technical issues should not be discussed anymore, and that the EU-sponsored dialogue should instead be brought to its final phase, where Kosovo would get its place in the UN, along with “mutual recognition of Serbia and Kosovo.”

Speaking for the Austrian newspaper, Hoxhaj said that “without all that”, the dialogue is “meaningless.”

Therefore, it should be limited, both in content and in terms of time, he said.

He remarked that there are “countries in the world that do not recognize others – but they do not block the other’s membership in the UN.” Kosovo and Serbia are “neighbors, and mutual recognition should, be the goal,” Hoxhaj added.

Serbia is refusing to recognize the unilateral declaration of independence made by ethnic Albanians in its southern province in 2008, as it considers the proclamation a violation of its territorial integrity.

According to Hoxhaj, as long as Serbia is not recognizing Kosovo, “the process of reconciliation between the two nations cannot take place.”

“President Aleksandar Vucic is ready to act pragmatically. However, I am surprised that Serbian civil society and the Church, which has played a bad role in the Kosovo conflict, are not even ready to be a voice of reason even after 20 years,” Hoxhaj said.

Asked if “an agreement could resemble that between the two Germanys,” he said that it should not – “because there should not be any kind of a model, since every reality is separate.”

As for Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic’s ideas about “delimitation” in Kosovo, Hoxhaj said this scenario has “always” been on the table in Serbia – but that “history has shown it to be wrong.”

“Borders in the Balkans are fixed and those who propose changes regarding Kosovo, are endangering stability. This would provoke a domino effect, and neither the EU nor the United States would be prepared to accept such solutions,” he said.