The hegumenia (abbess) of the Serbian Orthodox Monastery Sokolica in Kosovo says it is absurd for (Kosovo) Albanians to seek admission to UNESCO.

“What have they to protect? They don’t have a single, not a single monument of culture. Beside the Tomb of Murad and the Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizeren – which was built using materials from the demolished Church of the Holy Archangels. They don’t even have these two monuments, these are monuments of Islam, of Turkey,” said Mother Makarija.

“What is it they want? They want to appropriate what’s ours. Our monasteries should gain extraterritorial status,” she is further quoted as telling the Belgrade-based daily Blic.

The hegumenia thinks it is impermissible for those who in the past set Serb holy places on fire and mined them to tomorrow “sit in some offices for protection of cultural monuments.”
“You know, foreigners who have been coming to Kosovo to tour the monasteries, mostly Americans, carried with them ‘The Valley of the Frescoes’ guides. Well what frescoes is it that Albanians have?,” Makarija asked.