The constitutive session of the Kosovo Assembly will continue on August 24, when the assembly speaker and deputy speakers should be elected.

The president of the constitutive session of the Kosovo Assembly, the oldest deputy, Adem Mikulovci, on Wednesday agreed this with the representatives of the coalition around the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Beta reported.

At the end of the consultation meetin, Mikulovci stated that representatives of other attending parties agreed with the proposal of the Democratic Party of Kosovo.

Representatives of the Self-Determination Movement did not attend.

The whip of the Democratic Party’s coalition, Enver Hoxhaj, said at the start of the consultations that they proposed that the session continue on August 24, when the coalition would announce its candidates for speaker and deputy speakers, and for other sessions not to be held before that date.

Hoxhaj announced that the coalition’s nominee for the job of premier, Ramush Haradinaj, would propose the government and its program before the Assembly, very soon after the president officially nominates him as the premier designate.