Zafir Berisha, a member of the Kosovo Assembly from the Initiative for Kosovo, says that the coalition is considering the possibility of new elections.

Pristina held snap parliamentary elections on June 11.

The Initiative for Kosovo (NISMA) is a member of the so-called war coalition, along with the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), and several smaller parties.

“In the event that a government is not elect, Kosovo will go to early elections. It is very likely that this will happen, because even the DK (sic) is in favor of new elections in order to avoid this situation,” Berisha said, according to Tanjug, which cited Albanian language daily Koha Ditore.

The Pristina newspaper writes that even inside this coalition there is uncertainty and contradictions regarding the number of votes they have secured in the assembly, three days ahead of its first session.

NISMA MPs said on Monday they did not know whether the coalition had secured 61 votes, adding that PDK leader Kadri Veseli, and the coalition’s candidate for PM, Ramush Haradinaj, are “responsible for that.”

The constitutive session of the Kosovo Assembly is scheduled for August 3, four days before the constitutional deadline.

The coalition’s candidate for the position of assembly speaker will be Veseli. As announced earlier, he will not be supported by MPs from the competing coalition, i.e., those from the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (LDK) and the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) parties.