President of the Serbian Commission for Missing Persons Veljko Odalovic says there are still 10,600 persons listed as missing in the region.

“Time is not an ally in solving the issue,” he remarked.

According to Odalovic, the problem of the missing is becoming increasingly difficult to solve, as there is less and less new information and readiness to share it with governmental bodies involved in this job.

“This issue is civilizational and humanitarian, but also significantly political, and for the sake of stabilizing the region, it is necessary to solve this situation. There are about 10,600 missing persons in the region – the size of a town – and it is an obstacle to start the normalization of relations in the full capacity. Behind those 10,600 missing persons are tens or hundreds of thousands of family members, those who are directly interested in their fate,” Odalovic told TV Pink.

They can be a factor of stability but also of destabilization in the region, he continued, “and they are justified in seeking to solve the problem and to find out what happened to their loved ones.”

Odalovic added that many criminals and murderers remain at large, while many criminals now participate in government institutions – “primarily in Pristina’s institutions.”

It must be insisted, he stressed, that answers be provided about the crimes committed against Serbs in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

“Such as the Tribunal in The Hague was, it would simply close investigations, free those who were certain to have committed crimes. Kosovo institutions, set up like this, have no interest in resolving this issue because they would most directly come across the people who are in power,” Odalovic concluded.