“Upper Macedonia, Northern Macedonia,…”: Zaev’s proposal to change FYROM’s name accepted

Zoran Zaev - Photo: AP

Behind the scenes of the Adriatic Charter Summit in Podgorica, the FYROM (Macedonian) PM and the US delegation “agreed on a new name for Macedonia.”

This is what Sputnik is reporting on Thursday, adding that this deal was reached in order to allow Skopje to join NATO “as soon as possible.”

According to the agency, Zoran Zaev also asked for America’s support to hold a referendum on the name change – “because he fear unrest.”

Citing a source close to the Macedonian delegation, Sputnik said that Zaev on Wednesday presented a plan to change his country’s name to US Vice President Mike Pence, in a meeting held behind closed doors.

The report said that the Macedonian prime minister presented several proposals to Pence, including, “Upper Macedonia, Northern Macedonia, and, the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje).”

The article added that Pence informed Zaev that the Greeks – who have been blocking Skopje in its bid to join the EU, and NATO because the name “Macedonia” is also the name of Greece’s northern province – “agree to the offered proposals.”

Zaev, writes Sputnik, asked Pence for assistance in implementing this plan, “because citizens of Macedonia are explicitly against changing the country’s name” – although “in the international system” the Republic of Macedonia is recognized as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).



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