Minareport claims that US Ambassador to FYROM (Macedonia) Jess Baily has been directly involved in the wiretapping affair targeting Serbian diplomats and officials.

The Macedonian website referred to Baily as a CIA officer “whose cover is ‘US ambassador to Macedonia’.”

The Belgrade daily Politika cites the report, which states that Baily “asked local vassal (Macedonian PM) Zoran Zaev to employ the Macedonian counter intel agency DBK in wiretapping Serbian diplomats, including the president Aleksandar Vucic.”

“CIA’s Jess Baily is using an identical scenario used to topple VMRO-DPMNE, except now the target is Serbia. To the CIA, the fall of Macedonia is not enough. Serbia must fall as well to complete the US ownership of the Balkans,” Minareport said.

“At the moment, the US and the US Deep State and its vassals the Brits and Germans have given the green light to turn Skopje into a HQ for the upcoming work to destabilize Serbia,” the report continued, and noted that Baily was in the past “kicked out from Turkey for the first failed coup against Erdogan.”