No army in the world exists because of peace, but because of war, says Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Batajnica airport during the marking of Air Force Day, Vulin observed that while tractors are more useful than tanks – if there are no tanks, then one day there will be no tractors, either.

“Or at least, you will not be the ones deciding who will drive them, and how,” the minister told reporters and stressed that our military, like every other in the world, prepares for war “every day for its entire existence” – while it is up to the country’s political leadership to make sure there is no war.

One must not forget, stressed Vulin, that Serbia is a neutral country that has “nobody to rely on except itself and its people.”

For this reason, he believes that “some kind of training (of the entire population)” is needed.

“After all a defense strategy will be adopted by the end of the year that will, in line with the threats and dangers identified by our army, suggest appropriate answers – but one thing is certain: no army in the world, no security structure, has enough people for all the challenges it faces, and must include the entire society.”

“All self-respecting countries have some type of training. Each army has its military component, but also a civilian, and it also has the need to transfer certain skills and specialties to as many citizens of our country as possible. That’ how it is in every country in the world, especially in those that cannot rely on any (military) pact,” Vulin said.

It is noteworthy that all great powers are saying that the world is becoming increasingly less safe, he continued – “and then why do some think that Serbia can be the one to look at everything from the side and pretend that the world has not changed, and is not changing for the worse?”

Recently, the Chinese army conducted drills, when the Chinese president said that “peace is not everywhere” and the Chinese army must be ready to defend its country, Vulin remarked.

“And when a country that has a billion inhabitants and one of the largest military forces considers it necessary to step up its efforts to preserve its security, why do you think Serbia should not. We must take care of ourselves, the only thing we can rely on is Serbia and Serbs,” Vulin said.

He also said that six MiG-29 fighter jets will arrive from Russia “as agreed” and will be in Serbia by the end of the year.

The minister emphasized that after a decade of “deliberate neglect” the Air Force is being rebuilt. Two new helicopters have been provided, while new HA145M helicopters will arrive soon, Vulin said.