Serbia will join the EU in four years, in 2021 or 2022, and deserves to be a member of that community, say the mayor of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana.

In an interview for Serbia’ Biznis magazine, cited by Beta on Wednesday, Zoran Jankovic said that he “does not want to insult anyone – but if EU accessions are looked at historically, in what way is Serbia worse than, say, Bulgaria?”

“My view is that Serbia should become a member of the Union as soon as possible, and that Bosnia must enter the EU through a decree. I think it’s necessary that all countries of the former Yugoslavia enter the EU as a package,” said Jankovic.

Not everything is nice in the EU, he continued, “milk and honey is not flowing, but it’s not good either to be outside it.”

Jankovic added that he told European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker that “we want the EU at one speed, which means that all member states must develop at the same pace.”
“Countries that are small in terms of population and social product should make some sort of bloc, so that their efforts carry more weight,” Jankovic said.

He also stressed that the EU – i.e. , the European Commission – needs a strong leader, one will be able to talk with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump “at same level of decision-making.”

“We are in principle against all sanctions, because they are meaningless. We want cooperation. We are now preparing a declaration where mayors of the capital cities in the EU would publicly stand in favor of cooperation with Moscow,” Jankovic said.

According to him, cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia has an upward trend, “and it will be even better once Serbia is a member of the EU.”

“Capital has found its way. But the human factor is important, first, then comes capital. Along with all this, political relations between Slovenia and Serbia are very good. We are Belgrade’s second sister city and we are very proud of that,” said the Ljubljana mayor.