FYROM (Macedonia) will in late September vote in favor of Pristina joining Interpol, says Ivan Stoilkovski, a member of the Macedonian Assembly.

Belgrade is opposed to the possibility of allowing Kosovo to join the organization.

Asked if he received an answer to the question he asked in the Macedonian Assembly – about how Skopje intends to vote – Stoilkovski, who is the leader of the Democratic Party of Serbs, told the Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti that he did not – “but there is no doubt Macedonia will give a vote in favor of (Pristina’s) membership.”

“And after the diplomatic war that has taken place between Belgrade and Skopje, tensions between the two countries will be reopened,” he said.

Stoilkovski also said that he did not receive an answer to the question of “what exactly Macedonian services did to make Serbia withdraw the staff from its embassy and whether representatives of the foreign factor were behind these activities.”

Speaking about the upcoming parliamentary debate on the law on bilingualism, he said that this was an introduction into the federalization of Macedonia, adding that his party, along with the VMRO-DPMNE, has submitted an amendment demanding that the same status, besides Macedonian and Albanian, be given to both Serbian and Turkish languages.

According to him, the chance of the amendment passing is zero – “because the parliamentary majority of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is extremely thin, so Albanians have a hold on him and any kind of crisis before the October 15 local elections does not suit Zaev.”

Asked if the next step would be the adoption in the Assembly of a resolution on “genocide against Albanians in Macedonia from 1912 until 1956,” Stoilkovski replied: “At this stage probably not, but it’s a question of time before Albanians ask for that, too.”