Military analyst Aleksandar Radic says there are indications that the MiG-29 jets from Russia will arrive in October.

“Moscow says they will arrive – it means they will arrive. All the bureaucratic obstacles have been overcome, and I believe they will arrive in October,” he told Novi Magazin, and added:

“And maybe this will coincide with the invitation that (Serbian Defense) Minister Aleksandar Vulin has sent to Russian (Defense) Minister (Sergei) Shoigu to come to Belgrade for Liberation Day on October 20. It would not be a surprise to see the planes then, but it will take a long time before fly.”

According to Radic, the jets will be transferred first, followed by the work to overhaul them.
“I’m afraid there will be a time period when there will be no on-duty aircraft in the PVO (air defense) system, but I think that the Ministry (of Defense) will solve it as it has done so far – this will not be announced,” he said.