After complete despair we can now announce that new InSerbia website is back online. Thanks to donations by Alexander Gavrin, Gordana Balk-Moller, Vaska Tumir, David Zivan, Pedro Antonio Hernández Torres, Royal Professional Business Writers, Janet Brockland, Petar Petrovic, Danijela Odri, Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Stan Smiljanic, and many others, on September 1st at 9:09 PM we launched completely new version of the portal. Without their support, the InSerbia portal would be shut down.

New portal is on a new server, and we listened what others wanted to see at InSerbia, so we implemented it.

If you are asking who is behind it, the team is the same: Vladimir Stoiljkovic for technical realisation and Milena Stoiljkovic for everything else.


After some complaints by one giant business community portal, we changed our logo to be fresh and recognizable.


New front page, almost completely reorganised categories, some of eye-hearting advertisement removed, changed colors to match Serbian flag and changed layout to be more pleasant for navigation. This is in short what we have done, at your request, and we hope you will like it.


We added new section – “Classifieds” – which are completely free.

There is also “Weather” page for weather info about all larger cities in Serbia, along with prediction for next couple of days.

The page “Forex” shows current exchange rates, and “Useful links” will show you direct web links to some important institutions and companies in Serbia.

Also, not to forget, there is “Please Donate” button, just as reminder that we need regular monthly donations to keep things working.

At the bottom of every page we integrated BELEX (Belgrade Stock Exchange) live info ticker.

In articles you now have 3 new buttons: Print, Distraction free reading and Read for me. Try them and let us know what you think.


We will continue working to make InSerbia even better and our mission remains the same. InSerbia Today is an independent, non-profit, volunteer-run organization. We are not funded, endorsed nor supported by The Serbian Government, Governments of other countries, Political parties, NGO’s, or Corporations. InSerbia relies solely on public and volunteer support, which is critical to our success and mission to remain independent.

That is why it is so crucially imortant to keep donating to PayPal account [email protected] so we can provide you with the best possible experience.

Thank You once again for helping us keep InSerbia alive!