A traffic camera in Russia’s Volgograd Region snapped a picture of a speeding car driven by a man who resembled the late Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, with a person resembling Jesus sitting in the passenger’s seat.

A Russian man posted a photo sent to him by the Volgograd Region traffic police online, which allegedly depicted his car breaking the speed limit.

The man, however, rebuffed the police attempts to fine him for this infraction, noting that the car in the picture looks nothing like the auto he owns, and features a different license plate to boot.

Furthermore, he snarkily pointed out that the man in the driver’s seat looks more like the long-dead Soviet leader Joseph Stalin than himself while the person in the passenger’s seat bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, leading the poster to conclude that the car must’ve broken the speed limit “with divine assistance no less.”

Russian Internet users were amused by this occurrence, joking that the authorities were probably “too afraid to fine Stalin” and blamed the poster instead, or speculating that the man in the driver’s seat also looks like Borat.