President of the so-called independent state of Kosovo Hashim Thaci claims that by the end of the year, Kosovo will have its own army and that no one will be allowed to block it, and that the conditions of the Serbian List (“Srpska lista”) on this issue have never been part of the negotiations.

“Through plan A or plan B Kosovo will have its own army by the end of this year”, said Thaci.

He added that the transformation of KSF (Kosovo Security Force) into the army is not only the responsibility of the government.

“We are now working with all the institutions in this regard. We will fulfill all the commitments we have made to the international community, to end this process through constitutional changes”, said Thaci.

“We will allow no one to veto this process. All issues will be implemented in cooperation with international organizations”, said Thaci, RTS reports.

He added that the formation of the Kosovo Army was postponed for some time due to the election process.

“But now that we are coordinated, I am convinced that this process will end. I believe and I am sure that this year Kosovo will have an army”, he said.