US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott said on Wednesday that it was “a lie” that someone was pressuring Serbia to join NATO.

According to him, NATO has an “open door” policy for all countries who want to join – but respects Serbia’s decision on military neutrality.

Scott also “expressed the US support for the European path of Serbia, but added that the EU is a community of values ​​that cannot be cherry-picked,” Beta is reporting.

Neutrality does not mean that you do not have a stance on important issues, Scott continued, speaking at the international conference entitled, “Western Security Architecture and Serbia – Challenges and Dilemmas.”

As examples of a policy of military neutrality, Scott mentioned Sweden and Finland.

According to him, neutrality raises many difficult questions that Serbia will have to answer.
The US ambassador added that neutrality does not have to be “permanent” because Serbia wants security for itself, while ways to achieve it can change.

The conference was also addressed by Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic, President of the Belgrade Center for Foreign Policy, Aleksandra Joksimovic, Swedish and Finnish ambassadors to Serbia, as well as several representatives of embassies and analysts.