Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that Kosovo’s possible bid to join the UN would “come to nothing.”

“I am almost certain that their (attempt) to join the UN would come to nothing, unless we reach some agreement – and that cannot be done if somebody thinks Serbia should lose everything, while Albanians gain everything,” Vucic told reporters in Krepoljin, near Zagubica, eastern Serbia.

According to him, representatives of Pristina had obtained temporary passes in order to be able to enter the UN building in New York City during the recent UN General Assembly.

“Five hundred times so far they have made Kosovo a member of the UN,” he said ironically, and added: “And yet they continue to loiter in corridors and pace around. We will continue to do our job, and I would still not bet on them.”

According to Beta’s report, Vucic repeated several times that Kosovo’s membership in the UN would not materialize.

“Nothing will come out of that business, they are doing it for the sake of their internal circumstances,” Vucic said.