FYROM (Macedonia) Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Serbian Ambassador Dusanka Divjak-Tomic assessed Friday that there was “sincere friendship between the two countries.”

Zaev met with the ambassador after her return to Skopje, after Serbia withdrew for consultations the entire staff of its embassy on August 20.

President Aleksandar Vucic said the following day that this was done because “competent authorities provided evidence of (Skopje’s) very offensive intelligence activity against the organs and institutions of Serbia,” Beta said in its report.

During the meeting today, Zaev said that his government was “determined to develop good neighborly relations and contribute to Euro-Atlantic perspectives of the entire region through a proactive role in regional cooperation,” the Macedonian government said in a statement.

“The Republic of Serbia is a traditional friend of the Republic of Macedonia and we are focused only on positive relations that will contribute both to bilateral ties and at the regional level,” Zaev is quoted as saying.

Divjak-Tomic “expressed her gratitude for the constructive approach of Prime Minister Zaev to improve cooperation between Macedonia and Serbia, as well as for a sincere and open approach to solving open issues.”

“I convey the positive and constructive atmosphere from Serbia for further close cooperation, and I also convey the gratitude for the support of the government of Macedonia for the seat of the Transport Community to be in Belgrade. That the secretary general of the Transport Community is from Macedonia is only a confirmation of the two sides’ commitment to cultivate and develop friendship,” she said, according to the statement.

They also “concluded that the two neighboring countries have an interest in following European tendencies in their democratic and economic development.”

There are reasons for Macedonia to take steps towards the EU and NATO integration, and we expect this to happen,” Zaev said.

Zaev and Divjak-Tomic agreed to “recapitulate the signed, and so far unrealized agreements for cooperation between the two countries and to approach their immediate implementation.”