First Deputy PM and Foreign Miister Ivica Dacic says that President of Bujanovac Municipality Jonuz Musliu should be “thanking God for not yet being arrested.”

The Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti reported this on Thursday.

Dacic also pointed out that adding “the Presevo Valley” – an area in the southern part of central Serbia that has an ethnic Albanian minority – to Kosovo and Metohija is “Musliu+’s pipe dream” – unless the EU thinks that Presevo is also a specific and unique case.”

“It would not surprise me,” Dacic allegedly said.

Recall, after calling on the Catalans in a referendum on independence,

Musliu, one of the leaders of ethnic Albanians in the region, called on Belgrade and the international community in the wake of the Catalan referendum to “recognize” a referendum of Albanians in the south held in 1992, when they voted in favor of “the Presevo Valley” joining Kosovo.