Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic believes that not everything is going according to plan for Pristina.

He also pointed out that it was important for Serbia to have direct contact with US President Donald Trump.

“It is obvious that not everything is going exactly as they planned for the Pristina leaders, they think they have finished their work, that there is no longer any need to make any compromises. That it’s enough for them to appear – and everyone will vote in their favor,” Dacic told TV Pink.

According to him, “the picture has changed” and Kosovo is “no longer the favorite of the international community” – while Serbia is “no longer seen as ‘the bad guy’.”

Dacic said the reason why Kosovo gave up on trying to join UNESCO and Interpol this year was “not due to any agreement” but because they did not have necessary majorities.

Turkey will not stop supporting Kosovo, he also said – “but it will not be as simple as it has been up to now.” Those against whom Turkish President Erdogan is fighting are also present in Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dacic remarked.

Dacic also said that a big chance would be missed unless direct contact was established with US President Trump.

“Serbia can see better relations with America only if it focuses on Trump and his administration. When I say that, I mean Tillerson and Pence, not the State Department, because people who wrote everything that happened in the past 20 to 30 years still work in the State Department. They will not change their minds even by an iota. They continue to think that they are right about everything, and unless something is done now directly with the new US president, I think we will miss a huge, huge chance,” said is Dacic.

The minister also assessed that it was “important for Serbia to realize personal contacts, that more people come to Serbia – and it is necessary to maintain contacts with other countries and visit these countries.”