Foreign Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic on Thursday ruled out the possibility of Kosovo joining the UN by saying this was “out of the question.”

Asked whether he considers the issue of Kosovo’s possible “chair” in the UN to be a topic, Dacic replied: “What chair – maybe a wooden footstool. That’s out of the question!”

Asked whether it was possible for Kosovo to “get a place in the UN, without Serbia recognizing it,” Dacic said this was “impossible without Serbia’s consent.”

He added that “if somebody thinks the internal dialogue on Kosovo in Serbia is preparation to recognize Kosovo or allow it to join the UN” – they were “either entirely ignorant about (our) intentions, lacking any political experience, or full of malice.”

“When it comes to the internal dialogue, it’s about us, defining, for ourselves, what our proposal for a lasting solution would be. Both us and people in Pristina hold two positions that are far apart, our position is everything that’s written in the Constitution, their position is also everything that’s written in their Constitution, and between these two constitutions are life and the situation on the ground, completely different from what is written in the constitution,” he told RTV.

The minister also said that Pristina delayed applying for UNESCO membership because they did not have enough votes.

“Pacolli was also in Paris with Thaci the last time (in 2015), yet the votes are not there. Well, we’re working on it (preventing Pristina’s bid) every day, what do you think it is I do?,” Dacic said.

Asked whether the contentious referendum in Catalonia would “change anything when it comes to Kosovo,” Dacic replied negatively. Asked “why then was Serbia sending a letter to the EU,” he said it was done “in order to have the way they (the EU) have been arranging our lives written down in history.”

“It’s important that the EU knows it well, and the answers they are providing, those are ridiculous answers. Those are the answers for that situation. How can they respond about Kosovo – ‘it’s a specific situation’,” Dacic said.