In 1999 NATO led against Serbian people and state nuclear and chemical war of low intensity. For those 78 days, NATO has thrown on our country from the sea and from the air more bombs than Adolf Hitler from 1941 to 1945. The equivalent of the used explosives is between six and eight nuclear bombs thrown at Hiroshima. It was the most asymmetrical war held in the 50 years of NATO’s existence in the past, and their war crime turned into a genocide against our people.

This is what General Vladimir Lazarevic said, for the first time after he left The Hague Tribunal. The former Commander of the Pristina Corps, who met last weekend in Nis with the leaders of the Third Army of the Army of Yugoslavia during the NATO bombing of our country, says that French experts have determined that the radioactivity of NATO ammunition used only in Kosovo is 350 times larger than the allowed values.

Depleted Uranium Engagement Points 6 Apr 99 – 10 Jun 99 – Map produced 18 Jan 01 – Photo:

“Indian experts have said that the radioactivity from Kosovo and Metohija has expanded 1,000 kilometers in diameter, and prof. dr. Dusan Stanojevic and Miodrag Djordjevic, claim that the hell will start in our country only after 2020, when 70,000 people will annually get infected with cancer from the 1999 radioactivity. Of this number, despite the treatment, about 40,000 of them will die”, said General Lazarevic.

As one of the most popular generals in our country says, nuclear war against our forces in Kosovo and Metohija began on March 30 in the Prizren region, while on April 25 NATO used cluster bombs with an unknown chemical agent in Urosevac and its surroundings. First to struck on the members of the 243rd Mechanized Brigade.

NATO attack on Radio Television of Serbia

“On two occasions, then President of the USA Bill Clinton, through TV stations, announced that the Pristina Corps and the Third Army no longer existed”, recalled the general.

“The first time was on May 2, 32nd day of aggression, and the Third Army command reacted by calling in the center of Pristina all commanders from the field to report in front of the cameras. The second time, on May 28 Clinton told the world public that American strategic aviation killed that day on Pastrik 700 fighters of the Pristina Corps and created all preconditions for NATO to enter Kosovo and Metohija. ‘Washington Post’, however, had to publish on June 4 that the ‘Airborne Operation Arrow 2’, planned in Washington, turned into a disasster by the defense of the Serbian army.”

Lazarevic points out that NATO goals were to destroy in three or four days effectiveness of the Army of Yugoslavia and kill more than 20,000 members of the Pristina Corps by “applying Hitler’s doctrine of blitzkrieg”.

“When NATO had to acknowledge failure in June 1999, their generals came out with a plan to send 200,000 to 400,000 soldiers to occupy Serbia within four to six months”, General Lazarevic recalls those days and says that then, however, it was decided to “bring back the problem” to the United Nations.

“On April 8, on Great Friday, they killed 10 and wounded 30 of our soldiers”, reminded General Lazarevic his brothers in arms of the Third Army gathered in Nis at a meeting called “Let’s not forget”.

“On the same day in the Junic Mountains, the border guards led by private first class Sarac are under attack by 200 to 300 mercenaries, and the attack was repelled. Another border group “Gromovi” on the same day clashed with Shiptar (Kosovo) terrorists, who were coming from Albania and the attack was also repelled. And so… the hell of Kosara begins.”