Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has announced “a new platform for the dialogue with Belgrade.”

At the same time, he said Pristina’s “condition” for the EU-mediated Belgrade-Pristina negotiations is that a US representative also be at the table.

According to the website KoSSev, this platform should be prepared “by the Kosovo government, in consultations with experts”, and it will be discussed and evaluated by the Kosovo Assembly.

“We cannot continue the dialogue if America is not at the table,” Haradinaj told the broadcaster KTV.
“In order to take a more sustainable path, we also agreed with the president and the president of the Assembly to prepare a platform for this dialogue, which the government would draft. We will consult with experts in the office of the president and with everyone else, and we should forward it to the parliament,” he said.

According to Haradinaj, “Kosovo has not yet clarified its role in the current dialogue, nor what it wants”:
“We need to be clear on what we want, not for someone to come to the parliament and surprise us with an agreement. It’s a risk, and I do not want to do it.”

Haradinaj also revealed that he “does not see himself in the dialogue because it’s difficult to have more roles, and there is a lot of work to do at home.”

“But whoever represents Kosovo, which is in our case the president – why doesn’t the parliament have a mandate?,” he asked.